An Evening with Daisy Buchanan: Limelight

Join us for a wonderful evening with award winning journalist and podcaster Daisy Buchanan to discuss her addictive new book, Limelight. Expect lively conversation with laughter and discussions on sisterhood and sexuality in the modern age.

This event will take place in store at House of Books & Friends on Monday, 12th June from 6:30-7:30pm.

About Limelight

Frankie has a love-hate relationship with the spotlight. She secretly craves attention, but she is ashamed of that craving. And after a lifetime of comparison to her perfect sister Bean, she has never felt more invisible. She only ever feels seen when she uploads risqué photos to her small community of online fans. She creates a new her: confident, sexy and utterly unrecognisable from the real Frankie.

Then the worst happens. Bean is diagnosed with cancer. While Frankie wants to fill the freezer with home cooked food, her mother decides she knows better and somehow launches a nationwide cancer fundraiser, with Frankie as the supportive-sister-spokesmodel. Inevitability, her account is found. Now everyone has their eyes on Frankie.

With her family no longer speaking to her, Frankie flounders in her newfound notoriety. Feminists and misogynists rage at her online, while she attracts hundreds of new subscribers. Whether they’re demanding apologies or expecting an empowering call to arms, everyone wants Frankie to explain herself. But how can she explain what she barely understands?

Limelight is a story about sisterhood, sexuality, and self-esteem. It’s about how we cope with living in a world which constantly tells us who we are. What happens when we stop listening and start paying attention to who we need to become?


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There are a limited amount of tickets available for those unable to afford one at present. To be considered, please contact the store directly on or call 07597365380.

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