Join Our Club

Join Our Club

Here at House of Books & Friends, we love getting readers together. Whether that be chatting about books online via our social media channels or in person at our new bookshop.

Beginning in January (as all good New Year’s resolutions do), we’re starting our own book club! Our book club focuses on broadening our reading horizons across a range of genres. We’ve already chosen the titles for January and February and will announce them soon.

After that? We’re open to suggestions. We’d love to hear recommendations from readers. What would you like to read: a classic, non-fiction, a thriller? What’s at the top of your TBR (To Be Read!) pile? Any nominated book must be in print in paperback and available for us to order. We’ll create a shortlist and put the cream of the crop to a vote on our social media.

Everyone is welcome to attend our book club at our bookshop on King Street, Manchester. For our supporters that are a little further away, we will be chatting about the book on our social media accounts and publishing book club notes every month on our website. You are totally welcome to start your own spin off book club in your local area, but do check our upcoming book club guidelines for tips on how to run a successful and safe book club.

If you’re interested in more information or joining our book clubs please sign up here!

To support us in running the book club and providing the online materials, please purchase the book from us if you are able to. Don’t forget, every book sold makes a difference.

If you’re a really  enthusiastic House of Books & Friends book club fan, you can even get our book club book of the month sent to you as a subscription, just sign up here.